So Stoked to talk with such a great dude ! Devin Barrus of Sunsleep is a prime example of a laid back guy who loves music just as much a myself ! ┬áSunsleep just dropped there first Ep called ” I Hope To See Again With Brand New Eyes” and It didn’t disappoint ! They […]


Welcome to this weeks episode of the podcast. This week I am joined by the very lovely Kailynn West of the band Tiny Stills. I was so lucky to talk with this great independent artist . When I say independent artist I mean it literally no label no nothing creating something from nothing which is […]

Get Married- Jaake Margo

Hey everybody welcome to this weeks episode. I am joined by a fantastic California band named Get Married. I talk with Jaake Margo Singer and all-around awesome dude. We talk about some of the usual stuff like influences but his influences were a little different compared to some of the ones I hear about on […]

Capstan – Anthony Demario

Hey!! So stoked for this episode ! I talk with the very awesome Anthony Demario ! Let me tell you right out of the gate . Anthony is one of the most genuine dude a podcaster can talk with ! I have been saying this for sometime on the show Capstan is a band who […]