American Arson Left:Evan Baker , Right : Jesse Gentry

This weeks guest hails from the great state of Michigan with a music scene this is as strong as American Arsons sound. A duo who has been creating together fast , powerful lyric who’s fans can sing back to them with a message that is insanely grabbing. I am joined this week by Evan who plays guitar for American Arson ! We have an awesome conversation about American Arson about the formation, inspiration and structure of this great duos band. It is different to see a band with only two members but Evan Explains to me why is works so well .The teamwork that goes into a two person band and why it works so well . I can’t say enough great things about this band who I feel is something special and can do amazing things in the coming year . I hope you all enjoy. Big thank you goes to Evan for his time ! I cant wait to do a follow up.