So I truly had a great conversation with Tom Lovejoy Guitarist of Forever Came Calling and Vatican . Tom and myself had a great conversations about music and difference in the Atlanta music scene and the Boston music scene. We both share a love for heavy music so we dived into that . We also talked about how Forever Came Calling is about to hit the studio and how Vatican just put out a new release as well . Many of you may not know these band . I do highly suggest checking them both out. I learned about Forever Came Calling from the Vans Warped Tour Movie ” No Room for Rockstars”. I am going to leave the line both of these great artists project below and. I suggest supporting them because they are very hard working groups . Thanks for Checking out the show Don’t forget to help out the show simply by Subscribing or Writing a Review giving the show a preferred 5 stars to help us gain listners . Thanks again to everyone who has been a steady listener and to the New ones giving this show a listen it means a whole lot from me hear at the Side Show Pc. Hopefully You all come back and Stay tuned .

Both Bands are also found on SPOTIFY,ITUNES,AND GOOGLE PLAY

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