Hey Everyone !! Long time right .. Well only Two weeks but Yes I am back I have a great new episode . I talked with the one and only Steve Soboslai of PUNCHLINE . Steve is a very talented musician who has been playing with PUNCHLINE for now 20 years . This once high school band to now grow adults are still jamming and making great music with out loosing that creative spark . It was great talking with Steve and hearing about Punchline,making music and was kept him going after aLL these years . I want to Thank Steve for his time and can’t wait for everyone to hear the new record they are working very hard on Out on InVouge Records.DATE is still TBD. Until til then stay tuned for the end of the episode We play a BRAND NEW PUNCHLINE SONG ! Darkest Dark ! Enjoy And SUBSCRIBE TO HEAR NEW EPISODES EACH WEEK !

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