Hey Everyone , Hope you all have been great ! It has been. a long three weeks and I am stoked to give this great episode . I am joined this week Brian Marquis . Brian is know for his work in the band Therefore I Am and his amazing solo work . We talked a lot about his time in Therefore I am ,reunions of TIA , how his solo project has been coming along . Brian moved from Massachusetts to LA after Therefore I Am broke up and I got to hear how that was as well. Did you know Brian in 2015 traveled 1,200 miles for a good cause play show an travel those 1,200 miles Riding a bike a trailer connected to the bike ? No ?? Hear more about this amazing tour he did all in the name for a great cause .There was a lot of great topics covered with Brian who was such an awesome guest . I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode of the SIDE SHOW PC .

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