WHAT IS GOING ON EVERYONE ! This is a PART 2 FOLLOW UP!! This is with my good friend Lauren Kashan of SHARPTOOTH! We finally get to hear all about her big news regarding Sharptooth and all the great things coming up ! This is a must listen ! We got on a topic I normally do not cover on the show and try to stay away from but lately I have been feeling extra frustrated with how thing in our modern day culture has been . I do send my love and support out to anyone effected by the Las Vegas Mass Shooting this past weekend. We dive hard into how fucking messed up our Government really is and I do go off on a little rant but Its great to get it out once in a while . This was a great talk with my great friends Lauren and can’t wait to see her in December real real soon ! Get Stoked PRE-Order “CLEVER GIRL ” AVAILABLE OCT 27TH !!

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