I’M BACK! So you know that moment when life happens yeah it caught up to me .No Biggie though I am stoked to be back ! I am joined by the one and only Taylor Eby of Handguns! Handguns is a band sometime ago I ended up stumbling upon simply from a Lyric gif on Tumblr . Since then I have been a fan and a big supporter for the pop punk group. Now no one said being a band was easy , Handguns has had its own fair share of Lineup rotations and they have had there ups and downs .They are a group of fighters .In recent news though the band has brought back the original Line up . They are working in new material and want to let fans know they have something in the tank! Taylor and myself talk alot about this and music in general, we dive into how he has been daveling in script writing and shares a few of his rad ideas he had for TV concepts . I hope you all enjoy ! Oh yeah head over to THE LINK BELOW !! THERE IS A NEW DESIGN ONLY UP UNTIL DEC 10TH ! FOR SIDE SHOW PC HOODIES AND T SHIRTS! SPREADING THE WORD HELP THIS SHOW IN EVERY WHICH WAY POSSIBLE ! Thank you Taylor and to Handguns! I do wish you dudes the best moving forward !

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