Whats been up everyone ! I super stoked on this weeks episode . I literally had one of the chillest episodes ever talk to my dude David Alexander of Carousel Kings ! David and myself talked a lot about the past of Carousel Kings the get moves they made working with there Label Victory Records. Also we talk about Warped Tour and the good times that happen on that tour . We also talked about Floating . If you aren’t familiar with Sensory Deprivation Chambers You need to hear about it . Its interesting how this helps David with his music and living life . I hope you all enjoy David was the man ! and Cant wait to chat again or catch them the next time they are in my city!

So I hope you all have a great Holiday season ! I have released a new shirt ,long sleeve, and Zip up hoodie for my podcast . How ever I am dropping a brand New one right before New Years !and I think I plan to drop a design a month So keep those eyes peeled for that ! Link is below


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