HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ! Today is the first show of 2018 and I couldn’t be more motivated to get this podcast to expand and grow ! I have a bunch of my own personal goal for 2018 to help get this show to a new level. Last year we had thousands of listens and I know I want to expand and double it ! I thank everyone who tuned in and continues to tune in week after week ! Your help makes this so worth it !

Now on to this weeks guest ! I am joined by Randy Frobel of We Were Sharks . This awesome Canadian Pop punk group are releasing there brand new album February 23 2018 on Victory Record . The album is called Lost Touch and they currently have 3 singles out that you need to check out !

Randy and Myself had a solid conversation about the new album , being included in AP TOP 18 BANDS OF 2018, AND Working with Victory Records . Randy was a super awesome dude and cant wait to talk to him. again real soon . I hope you all enjoy this episode and Don’t for get to SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE . If you also can rate the show on your platforms whether iTunes or GOOGleplay that would help boost the show into new listeners ! Thank you until next week ! Peace – Paul

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