This episode is a super fun one for me because I get to hear from a dude I feel is one of the most active guys in the music scene after all these years . So I always hear about different people in the music scene either bands or names . The one name that people always asked me about was this great guest I had the pleasure of talk with . Patrick Murphy has been the talents dude behind the kit play with such act like Morris! , Apparitions, God and Country , Last Lights , I Rise , Ligeia and so many more ! . Patrick is current working on a vast amount of projects at the moment he drums for the alway entertaining Mountain Man and has drum for my good friends in Morals . Patrick has created once again this time a project called The Oracle . The Oracle is different we dive into this episode where we talk about how he started and approach this project along with what kind of music inspired him to make what we all know as The Oracle . We also jump into Patricks Career from the being to end . We also talked about how a scene we both have seen change and what are some of the difference from 2005 to 2018 Pros and cons . This talk was so awesome I hope Patrick will comeback soon and I cant wait to hear what will be next for this decorated musician who has been a great contributor to the Massachusetts music scene . Thank you to Patrick for all the hard work and being such a cool guest to have on my show .

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