Well I couldn’t wait to drop this episode . I am stoked to have to privilege of talking to Will Putney . Will is a very interesting dude as world renowned Grammy Nominated . Not all great things in the world happen with out a great story . Will shares is story about what got his foot in the door to a studio ,who talk him and inspired him to be one of the best today . We also talk about his two bands that are always making waves in there genre . Fit For An Autopsy is a death core band Will has been playing Guitar in for sometimes now. We talk a bit about the album they release last year called The Great Collapse. I also got to check out his other band END at the Palladium . I saw many post in regards to END and I made me want to look into them more . We talk about how important the internet is in the making of a band today . There is so much we covered yet we only scratched the surface. ENJOY !! LINKS BELOW FOR THE KEMPER BUNDLE , AND BOTH OF Wills bands ! Check them out !





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