Hello! I hope everyone reading this or listening is doing great ! I am thrilled to post this episode which features a dude who I feel doesn’t need a introduction . I am joined by Frankie Palmeri of the the band EMMURE  . Emmure is one of the hard hitting bands in the music world sharing the stages with some many other acts and has played on some of the biggest festivals world wide . Frankie was super awesome to talk with me about the rollercoaster career he has had and his start from the early days working with Victory Records and how it has been since signing to Sharpertone.  We talked about some of his hobbies and his twitch channel which is another way he interacts with fans of him or video games in general . I learned so much in this conversation from one of the best ! I hope you all enjoy this and don’t forget to subscribe to the show and HUGE Thank you to Frankie for taking sometime out of his personal life to talk on the show !