HI THIS WEEK I AM JOINED BY DANNY RICO OF THE BAND CAN’T SWIM. I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS UPSET BECAUSE ME AND DANNY DISCUSS HOW CAN’T SWIM GOT STARTED AND ALSO THEIR FOLLOW UP IN THEIR SOPHOMORE RECORD SOON TO BE RELEASED/RECORDED. CAN’T SWIM IS ONE OF THE MOST ACTIVE BANDS THAT I HAVE NOTICED IN RECENT TIMES AS I TALK TO DANNY HE WAS ACTUALLY TRAVELING TO OKLAHOMA CITY TO START A LEG OF THE TOUR THAT THEY ARE ON RIGHT NOW THEY WILL BE SOON BE HEADED TO EUROPE . I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode of the sideshow PC because I sure as hell did. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow the show over on social media such as Facebook Instagram Twitter . iTunes and Google play our other options where you can check the show out whenever you want some of my back episodes are really great too! enjoy