HEY EVERYBODY WELCOME TO THIS WEEKS EPISODE OF THE SIDESHOW PC. I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS WEEKS EPISODE BECAUSE I AM JOINED BY THE ONE AND ONLY LEAD SINGER OF THE BAND FLATFOOT 56 and 6’10 TOBIN BAWINKEL. Me and Tobin talk a lot about getting involved with the Celtic punk movement that Chicago has to offer growing up in the southside of Chicago Tobin had a lot a great influences and being involved in his community nowadays. We also talk about their new EP called The Vancouver sessions. Tobin walks me through with the process of how this became a reality. One man up in Canada with a recording studio his generosity helped Tobin and the guys and Flatfoot56 six bring this take on classic songs to life. I don’t to give everything away but we had a great conversation and I’m stoked that I got to talk with Tobin and tell him how awesome I really do feel his band is and I hope to have them on the show real soon. ENJOY ! Thank you to Tobin Bawinkel and Austin Griswold for setting this great conversation up !