Hey everybody welcome to this weeks episode of the sideshow PC. This is a very special episode because I was able to go on site at the vans warped tour 2018 the final cross country tour. I had an idea going into this and it kind of worked out any better. I got to talk to bands that art at different levels in their career. The first segment is bands that are just starting out. I ran into Vera Kay who was handing out cards with the motive to promote their brand new single paradise. This band is very fascinating I learned so much about them at being such a small level. In the segment you’re going to learn a lot about this Boston band who is about to make a brand new EP with Aaron sprinkle in Nashville Tennessee. Get excited because this band is going to be taking off quicker than many will think.


In this next segment I am joined by the New York pop band Pros & iCons. This band is an independent bad who’s been working very hard and paying their dues. We had a great conversation on site at the warp tour about so much going on what drives them to make the music that they do. And some of the challenges to stand apart. I hope you all enjoy this part because this band is fantastic and very awesome dudes.


Part three of this podcast is an awesome one because is the third time I get to talk with my friend Lauren Kashan of the band sharptooth. Lauren update us on what is going on in the world of sharptooth they have a brand new tour they just recently announced with the band Cane Hill. We also talked about some of the things that we left off on such as how it was being on tour with the band Anti-flag and ┬áStray from the path. They also embarked on a tour with the legendary Senses fail. It was great catching up with Lauren and hearing about what is been going on and what’s happening.


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One final shout out to Big Picture Media for allowing me to cover this year’s Vans warped tour thank you so much for this opportunity and it will never be forgotten!