Hey Everyone This episode was a another great conversation ! I am joined by Emmanuel Roldan of Detour North . This was a great conversation with the vocalist because I learned a lot more about this band during our talk. We talked about there approach to the songs on It’s History/It’s Poetry. There idea of trying to make each song have its own sound and feel was an approach to build depth in Detour North’s Sound . I’ll be 100 percent honest I haven’t shut this album off yet since learning about the band . The have a great grabbing  sound which many pop punkers can enjoy and have fun to . We have a all around great conversation on music and who Emmanuel’s all time favorites . Another awesome fact Emmanuel attended film school and directs his bands music videos. Check the links below if you want to check his work out ! I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode of the Side Show Pc. Its a real treat .


DEAD- https://youtu.be/ABsR9jf6f4g

Autumn Bloom- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=befQODR38os