Hey everybody welcome to this weeks episode. I am joined by a fantastic California band named Get Married. I talk with Jaake Margo Singer and all-around awesome dude. We talk about some of the usual stuff like influences but his influences were a little different compared to some of the ones I hear about on the show normally. I was impressed because he was into the classics such as Elvis Presley Frank Sinatra which made me happy that some folks still appreciate music such as that. We talk about his brand new record called Songs For The Sleepless it is out on Asian Man Records and we also talk about who he recorded it with some of his favorite albums and hobbies outside of music. Jaake’s an awesome dude and I hope y’all go check out his band and will give his new record Songs For The Sleepless a listen . I would also like to thank Jaake for his time, and also Becky from Big Picture Media for helping me set this great interview up and I hope to talk with them very soon again.