Welcome to this weeks episode of the podcast. This week I am joined by the very lovely Kailynn West of the band Tiny Stills. I was so lucky to talk with this great independent artist . When I say independent artist I mean it literally no label no nothing creating something from nothing which is amazing she is putting out the music herself she has put out to full link the albums which are simply amazing. She is such a talented individual it was a real pleasure to hear her story. She shared her experience when she went on tour with Anthony Raneri during a solo run which was amazing. She was telling me about how she was playing keyboard for what’s eating Gilbert Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory side project. And how they fell off the tour and she was the next person up and she was very ecstatic about that opportunity. She tells us a lot about that experience and how she enjoyed every moment of it. We talk about so much in this episode I don’t want to give it all away however please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and follow my show on social media in it platforms where podcast can be heard. I wanna take a second and also thank Kailynn for her time and it was a real pleasure of making a new friend who plays such great music. I also want to thank Becky for setting this up with me over at big picture media !