Hey everybody! Welcome to this episode of the podcast! I’m joined by one of my favorite frontmen in a band. He has played some of the best festivals in the world, sold out venues across the entire United States, toured Europe, manages bands, and Spends time talking with our youth today . I am talking about Davey Muise of Vanna and Trove . Davey has been playing music for a very long time and works very hard in so many great ways . He fronted one of my all time favorite bands in Vanna . I remember the first time seeing Davey get introduced at Vans Warped Tour by Vanna  at Chris Preece’s last show . I knew it was the start of an era . We talked about how the band evolved . We talked about the conversation that sparked the thought it was time to close the chapter many of us grew up watching ,loving and appreciating . In many ways it helped mold me who I am as a person and developed a better concept in the heavy music scene.  This is an interview I know I will never forget. Thanks again Davey and I can’t wait for what is in store for the future with Trove and all your music endeavors.


TICKET FOR DAVEY’S TOUR CAN BE FOUND AT http://www.daveymuise.com